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One of the most famous Greek resorts on the Mediterranean Sea is the island of Rhodes

Its east coast, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean, is characterized by an abundance of spacious sandy beaches and a calm sea surface. The Western coast of Rhodes, on the other hand, is known for regular waves of the Aegean Sea and pebbly beaches.

The Ionian sea washes a small part of the Greek mainland and several islands like Ithaca, Corfu, Lefkada, Zakynthos and Kefalonia. The sea water cools to 14 ° C in winter, so the holiday season on the coast of the Ionian Sea begins rather late. Only in June the water warms up to normal temperature, but it stays warm until the middle of October. The average sea temperature during the holiday season is 25-26 ° C. Find more info on santorini wine tour


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Ksinomizitra» (P.D.O.) has a sour taste and contains few calories

Mizithra» has a typical mild flavor. «Staka» is a milk product prepared from salted skim milk. It is often used in Crete instead of butter for frying eggs, pasta and cakes. In Dodecanese you can taste a soft «Elaiki» made from sheep or goat milk. On Kos you have to try «Krasotiri», which is soaked in wine for a few days. It is shaped like tree trunk or cane, and then is cuted into pieces.

North Aegean islands, particularly Lemnos, has a long tradition of cooking cheeses. In addition to «Kalataki» (P.D.O.) with its interesting shape and salty flavor and yellowish hue «Casero» (P.D.O.) with a subtle aroma is very popular here. «Ladotyri» (P.D.O.) cheese from Mitilini island is considered as one of the best Greek cheeses. It is soaked in a spicy oil and receives a great flavor. Soft «Mastelo» is made on the island of Chios. The exclusive recipe belongs to Mr. Costas Tumazu who achieved great success with this brand not only in Greece but also abroad.

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July and August are good for resting in the Northern Greece.

Air temperature reaches + 36-40 ° C in the hottest months of summer, and the sea warms up to + 24-25 ° C. So thats why it is better to spend this time in the north of the country or on the island of Corfu. You can bathe in the warm sea water, take wellness programs in medical centers and hotels, or shopping. Sales season starts in mid-July and at the same time the Wine Festival begins.

September is considered to be one of the best months for a holiday in Greece. There is no sweltering heat and at the same time the air is warm enough (about + 30C), the sea is warm and well-pleasing. This period, as well as June, is good for families with children or for a romantic trip. In October the south of Greece is still quite warm. Only at the end of the month, the air cools down to 20 degrees, seasonal rains begin, and the beach season is considered to be closed.